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Over the past few months I have had increasingly severe problems with unsolicited E-mail ("spam") addressed both to my regular E-mail address and to mailboxes at drreddy.com.

The volume of incoming spam has risen to a point where it regularly overwhelms my mail-handling software. As a result of this and possibly of other problems, there are messages that apparently are being sent to me but not being received, and it is becoming less and less feasible to read my legitimate E-mail in a timely fashion, much less reply to even a fraction of that mail. Also, spammers are now apparently hiding behind the domain drreddy.com to send out spam.

I will read every legitimate E-mail comment or question that is sent to me. I cannot, at this point, promise a reply to every message.

Patients of Dr. Reddy
If you are a patient of mine, or need to reach me for other urgent matters, please call my office at (269) 337-6450.
Others With Questions
If you are NOT a patient of mine, I still would like to hear your comments and questions. However, I cannot promise an answer at this time, much less a timely answer. (Your questions and comments are a large part of my revisions of the subject pages. I really don't ignore them.)
Questions About Your Child (or Yourself)
If you are asking a specific question about yourself or your child, I generally will not answer it, since I can't dispense professional advice over the Internet to patients I have never seen.
Dr. Reddy's Laboratories
If you are looking for Dr. Reddy's Laboratories (the Indian pharmaceutical company), you are in the wrong domain. I have no connection whatever with them. Mail sent to my E-mail addresses for people or offices at Dr. Reddy's Laboratories will either be discarded or returned to the sender with an error message. I will NOT guarantee the confidentiality of any message intended for Dr. Reddy's Laboratories but sent to me, regardless of any confidentiality notices that may be in those messages. If you send the message to me, I reserve the right to do anything I please with the information contained in it. (If you don't like this, then make sure your message is sent to the correct address.)
Using drreddy.com to Conceal Spam
If you use my E-mail or domain addresses to conceal spam you are sending, I WILL TAKE LEGAL ACTION AGAINST YOU.

If, after all this, you still want to send me E-mail   :)    please click here or below.

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