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My med school graduation portrait. (It was a little while ago -- for one thing, I've been wearing wire-rim glasses for years now.)

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Web Sites I Visit for the Fun of It

Snoopy logo Snoopy's Dog House
(Of course... I always wear Snoopy clothes to work, after all...)

Mother Goose and Grimm

Research and Rescue
My sister's Web Site
(Among other things, she designs Web pages. She is not responsible for this one, though...)

Cat Scan on the stairs Sniff on the stairs Cat Scan and Smith (or Sniff)
My children (and their Web pages)

Spot and Cyggi Alien and Yellow Dog
My nephews and their blog...

(Make your very own newspaper -- and have it published every day!)

Internet in a Baby

This has almost nothing to do with children's health (although there are a couple of interesting links to medical-info Web sites in here).

Other Interesting (at least to me) Web Sites

Look here for the miscellany -- including people I've known and corresponded with, sources of technical information (mostly on computers and the Web -- try the main page for the medical stuff), and anything else I couldn't pigeonhole properly in other places...

Schools I've Attended

Roeper City and Country School
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
University of Michigan
Saint Louis University School of Medicine

Dr. Reddy's Guide to Hewlett-Packard Palmtop PC's

No, I don't sell 'em. I own (a little) stock in HP -- mainly because I like their products, especially the Palmtops. I own three Palmtops -- the 95 LX, the 100 LX, and the 200 LX -- and they made residency and practice a lot easier.

This site is still under construction, and probably always will be.

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