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We are very sorry to have to announce that Sniff passed away in his sleep last night. We are not sure yet what happened to him. His sister Cat Scan is very upset but otherwise OK. We will keep Sniff's page running in memory of the King of Cats.

I'm Sniff (I think -- my old mommy called me Smith, and Grandma calls me Smitty, and Granddad sometimes calls me Snaps, and I know Daddy can't hear well because he doesn't hear us half the time when we ask him to give us treats), and this is my Web page. (My sister Cat Scan told me I should have a Web page just like she does, and she told Daddy to help me with it -- I haven't learned to type too well yet, either.)

Daddy lets me and Cat Scan help him write lots of his medical pages! The first one we helped him with was all about cat scratch disease. And we made sure that Daddy told everybody that cat scratch disease isn't OUR fault -- after all, Cat Scan and I don't scratch anyone who treats us properly (especially Daddy and Mommy and Grandma and Granddad).

(Don't tell Daddy, but Cat Scan and I have been putting our paws into some of Daddy's other pages, too. If you want to find them, go to the search box at the bottom of this page -- I already put my name in the box for everyone to use.)

This is the second picture Daddy took of me when I came to live with him. (We didn't like the first picture very much -- my eyes weren't all the way open, and I hate flash pictures...)

Sniff on the sofa

And this is me and Cat Scan on Daddy's bed. (Daddy's disturbing us again.)

Sniff and Cat Scan with attitude

And this is me at the top of Daddy's stairs. (It's just like Cat Scan's first picture).

Sniff on the stairs

And this is a picture of Cat Scan and me looking at the snow in Daddy's backyard. (Daddy says this is one of his favourite pictures of us.)

Cat Scan and Sniff in window

And this is me on Daddy's bed pretending to be sleeping.

Sniff pretending to be asleep

And this is me reading Daddy's Economist with my breakfast Cat Sip. (Daddy wants me to be a well-informed cat...)

Sniff reading The Economist

Ode to Sniff

(My mommy wrote this just for me!)

Wide, yearning, pleading eyes
Full of expression
Full of thought and passion.
Loving, gentle,
Pulling me in and rejecting me.
Caring and sweet,
Twisting us about your will.
Catering to your whim,
Breaking our hearts,
Then filling them with joy.
So simple
And yet so complicated.
You are the sun rays
That warm you as you lie by the windows.
You are energy and sloth,
Love and anger,
Contentment and agitation.
You demand and toy,
Gaining your way throughout the day.
As you lick your sister
Or jump upon my lap
You are the king of cats - at least within your castle.
© 2007 L S

Obligatory Cat Links

(Daddy and Cat Scan say "obligatory" means people have to go look at these links. I agree -- everyone needs to have cat links on their computers.)

Alien and Yellow Dog
Our cousins Cyggi and Spot.
Cat Fanciers' Web Site
"The Internet Forum for the Cat Fancy"
CAT Users' Manual
in case you need a quick start with your cat...
(in case you want to buy toys for your cat -- or even for me :)
Maullidos y Rorroneos
A collection of MIDI cat songs
Paw Sense from Bit Boost
A program to help cats learn how to type properly (or at least that's what Daddy tells us it's supposed to do...)
Blue Cat's Graphics
Feline enhancements for Windows and Mozilla Firefox
Cats for Dummies
Kittens for Dummies
Cat Owner's Manual
(all available in the cat aisle at Amazon.com)

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