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Transferring Files Between Palmtops and Bigger Computers

I have been asked by many people how to transfer files from desktop or laptop computers to a Palmtop, or vice versa -- especially since HP's Connectivity Packs are no longer available directly from HP.

I have the Connectivity Packs (both the 95LX version and the 100LX/200LX version), but as far as I know it is still under HP copyright, which means it's illegal to make copies for others without HP's permission. (It's possible to find copies of the software on eBay on occasion; you may want to check there. Since the 95LX, 100LX, and 200LX are out of production, HP may be willing to let you have permission to make a copy for someone else for little or nothing, but you'll have to check with them.)

Failing that, you can try saving the files on a flashcard (either the EXP card or a plain flash card) using a laptop or desktop. PCMCIA adapters are available for PC-compatible desktop computers, but it may be easier for you to transfer the files with a laptop since most laptops sold in the last 5-10 years have PCMCIA slots built in. It seems almost silly, to suggest this, but I've seen used 486 laptops on eBay for less than $20.00, and I do a lot of my palmtop software development on an old 486 laptop for the sake of convenience.) Another possibility would be to connect the palmtop to your desktop through the serial cable and use the built-in communication programs to transfer files. The procedure differs with the palmtop, desktop and desktop OS you're using. For the 95LX the basic procedure is:

  1. Connect the serial cable between the 95LX and the desktop's serial port.
  2. Set your desktop's comm software and the 95LX Datacomm to the same settings (baud rate and data/parity/stop bits).
  3. Start the comm program on your desktop.
  4. Make a connection by entering the appropriate commands in Datacomm (you may need to do a remote login to the desktop).
  5. Transfer files using the appropriate file-transfer protocol (the 95 has XMODEM, Kermit, and plain text available; plain text files MUST be ASCII text files.)

For the 100LX and 200LX, you can use the same procedure. However, you can also take advantage of extra transfer software built into the 100LX/200LX. The 200LX in particular contains LapLink; if you have (or can obtain) LapLink for your desktop, you're all set.

There are also several programs available as freeware or shareware that will transfer files between a desktop PC and a Palmtop. Among these is Transfile, available from Hewlett-Packard, which provides connectivity and file transfer for PCs running Windows. (See the HP 200LX Web page for details, and for other links if the one here is broken.)

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