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Hewlett-Packard (DOS-based) Palmtop PC's

An HP 200 LX HP's Palmtop Home Page

These are links (working as of the "last revision" date at the end of the page) to various Web sites with (varying amounts) of information about HP DOS Palmtops or Palmtop-related products. I use some of these sites frequently. (If you find a broken link, please E-mail me, and I'll fix it when I next revise this page.)


comp.sys.palmtops HP100LX Frequently Asked Questions
HPLX.NET FAQs: Power System FAQ
HPLX.NET FAQs: Networking FAQ
The Gadgeteer's HP200LX Page

Web Sites

The Palmtop Network - HP 200LX Headquarters
Palmtop Information Central
Muzza's Palmtop Pages
Daniel Hertrich's Palmtop Index
HP200LX en Espaol
Palmtops, pda information and links.
PDAStreet: Hardware: Other PDAs: HP200LX
Gilles Palmtop Places
Rundel Datentechnik -- DOS Palmtops
Palmtop WebRing Hub
The HP Palmtop Corner


Muzza's Palmtop Pages -- Programming the Palmtop
The PAL Page
QuickStar Fax
HP Palmtop Software HomePage by Ariel Rocholl -- PAL Draw
Cu -- programming examples from Japan (Japanese text but English C source
The Buddy System, LLC
Entente Home Page
Infrared communication with the palmtop HP 200LX
Interesting DOS programs -- mostly DOS-compatible software, with a few Palmtop-specific entries
Free Software for DOS -- also mostly DOS-compatible


S.U.P.E.R. - The Largest 200LX Software Archive
S.U.P.E.R. - HP95LX Section
Japanese FTP archive -- csl.sony.co.jp mirror
PDAStreet: Software: HP200LX


Curtis Cameron's Palmtop Games
The Fun! Factory: Home

Visit the HP Palmtop Ring Homepage

This HP Palmtop Ring Site is owned by Vinay N. Reddy, M.D. Visit The Webring.

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