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An HP 200 LX HP's Palmtop Home Page

Although HP has discontinued the DOS Palmtops (the last of the series -- the HP 200 LX -- was discontinued in 1999) there is still a strong aftermarket for the Palmtops, especially the 200 LX.

The most reliable sources ("reliable" means that they have Palmtops available...) seem at this point to be:

The link here is to the HP Handheld category. Also try searching for the specific model number ("200LX", "100LX", or "95LX"). The searches should also give you listings for many Palmtop accessories. As with anything on eBay, caveat emptor.
The HP Palmtop Paper Online Store
This part of the HP Palmtop Paper Web site is where Thaddeus Computing sells -- and buys -- Palmtops and accessories. They buy, refurbish, and sell Palmtops, and have just about every available Palmtop accessory, as well as the Palmtop Paper CD Infobase (the CD compendium of all articles published in the Palmtop Paper, the accompanying software, and many other useful items including the HP Palmtop Developer's Kit) and other references on Palmtops.
Amazon.com (Palmtops)
Occasionally Amazon.com has Palmtops available for sale. The first link here is to specific listings for 200 LX's; the second is to Amazon's main page. Check below for a list of Palmtop-related books and Palmtop-compatible software also available at Amazon.com.

Palmtop-Related Books, Software, and Other Accessories

Information on specific items are scattered through my Palmtop site as well, with descriptions included. This is mainly a list of what's currently available, and from where.

PC In Your Pocket!
Information culled from the HP Palmtop Paper, edited by the Palmtop Paper's editor. This book is available from the Palmtop Paper Online Store, or (new or used) from Amazon.com.
Using Your Hp 95Lx : Practical Examples and Applications
An Easy Course in Using the Hp 95Lx
Answers You Need for the HP 95LX
These books were written specifically for the 95LX. They are most useful for 95LX users, of course, but some of the application information, especially on apps common to all 3 DOS Palmtops (such as Lotus 1-2-3), may come in handy to 100LX/200LX users. (The links above are to Amazon.com's listings for the specific books.)
Lotus in Minutes on the Hp 95Lx
Again, this was written mainly for 95LX users. However, since the core Lotus 1-2-3 code is just about the same on all three DOS Palmtops, this book turns out to be pretty useful even with the newer models. (Again, this link is to Amazon.com's listing for the book.)
Memory Cards
Sources include:

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This HP Palmtop Ring Site is owned by Vinay N. Reddy, M.D. Visit The Webring.

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