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There is a tremendous amount of software available that was written specifically for HP Palmtops. Much of this software is listed in S.U.P.E.R. (the Simply Unbeatable Palmtop Essentials Repository -- a compilation of almost every software package available for the Palmtop. (CAUTION: at last count, this page was about 400 kbytes long. For the most up-to-date additions, try their New Additions Page.)

However, since the Palmtop is a PC-compatible and runs MS-DOS 5.0, it can run just about any program that can run on a PC-compatible under MS-DOS 5.0. More specifically, it will run any program that will run on an 8086-, 8088-, or 80186-based PC under MS-DOS 5.0. (The processor in the 100LX and 200LX is an 80186; the 95LX uses a clone version of the 8086.) Note that 80286-compatible programs will generally not run on the Palmtops. (Also note that the IBM PC/AT was an 80286-based machine; IBM never used the 80186 in PC's, at least to my knowledge. AT-compatible software may not run on a 100LX or 200LX. Some people have reported being able to run Windows 3.0 (but not 3.1) on the Palmtops, but it apparently takes some doing...)

Among DOS-compatible software I've run on my Palmtops:

Palmtop Software Archives

Both of these archives contain many freeware and shareware programs for all three Palmtops. I especially recommend SUPER -- it's the largest and most comprehensive I've seen.

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