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There are lots of custom-made, or almost custom made, cases for Palmtops on the market. As one example, Coach has some great ones around (but remember, if you have to ask how much they are, you probably can't afford them...)

For those of us who aren't quite that rich, there are many alternatives that are less expensive and just as effective. The cases I use are Tamrac 220's, available at most camera stores for carrying pocket cameras (and computer games as well). They run around $20 each; it's worth shopping around for good prices. The Tamrac cases also have a smaller front pocket that's handy for PCMCIA cards, (short) cables, adapters, and spare batteries.

When picking a case for your Palmtop, be such to check the thickness of the padding around the main part of the bag (the part that will actually hold the Palmtop). The thicker the padding, the safer your Palmtop will be; the only crack I've ever had in one of my Palmtops was when I dropped one on a concrete sidewalk while it was out of the case -- and, like Timex® watches, Palmtops tend to take a lickin' and keep on tickin' (mine certainly has...).

Another consideration is how you'll be carrying your Palmtop. I usually carry mine slung over my shoulder; the shoulder strap on the Tamrac cases is good for that. They also come with belt loops, but if you wear sweaters all the time like I do, wearing your Palmtop on your belt may eventually wear holes in your sweaters (just like belt-case calculators did in the days of 45's...)

If you use a little imagination, you can adapt just about any small case or camera bag for use with your Palmtop and accessories. For example, I recently bought a flash memory card on eBay, and the seller was kind enough to send me a case which he had lying around. I suspect the case was from a Franklin Planner or something similar; in any event, it has three plastic pockets that are the perfect size for PCMCIA cards and two elastic straps, one of which now holds my HP AC adapter and the other of which now holds the PC Card box containing my EXP ThinFax modem/flash memory card. (And it probably has room for one or two more PC Card boxes, too...)

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