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Information and Media Inquiries

Links to this site
Unlike some Webmasters, I am happy to have other Web sites link to my topic pages directly without having to go through my home page. I try not to change page URLs at all; if I do change a URL I will also maintain redirection from the old URL for at least several months after the change.
Quotations from this site
I generally give permission for the use of quotations from this site, but I prefer to be asked for permission first, especially for extensive quotes. If you are quoting extensively, I do ask that you E-mail me with your specific request, and that you send me a copy (physical or electronic) of the finished piece.
Print Interviews
I am occasionally asked by writers for more extensive information on subjects than I have posted on the site. I am usually happy to provide you with such information if asked. Please try to give me at least one week of lead time -- more if possible (like most primary-care physicians, my work schedule is long and irregular, and this site is a spare-time project of mine).
Other Media Interviews
I am also occasionally asked to do interviews for broadcast. I am usually happy to do those as well, but this is dependent on my work schedule (I can't do interviews and admit a patient to the hospital at the same time). I also prefer to review material on the subject at hand before an interview. Therefore, if you would like to interview me, I ask for as much lead time as you can allow (one day is nice; 1/2 hour is occasionally feasible).

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PLEASE NOTE: As with all of this Web site, I try to give general answers to common questions my patients and their parents ask me in my (real) office. If you have specific questions about your child you must ask your child's regular doctor. No doctor can give completely accurate advice about a particular child without knowing and examining that child. I will be happy to try and answer general questions about children's health, but unless your child is a regular patient of mine I cannot give you specific advice.

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