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I'm Cat Scan, and this is my Web page (Daddy helped me a lot with it -- I'm a grown-up cat now (I'm 10 years old today!) but I'm still not very good at typing. My Aunt Marlita thought I was a Russian Blue kitten, but I'm more gray than blue (with a couple of white spots on my tummy) which mean I can hide on Daddy's rugs -- and on Grandma and Granddad's rugs when I visit them. Daddy thinks I'm actually a Korat (I don't know why Daddy would call me any kind of a rat...)

My brother Sniff used to live with us, but he went off to kitty heaven 2 years ago. He looked just like me, except he was a little bigger than me. (Daddy says there are other differences, too, but he also says I'm too little to hear about things like that. I wish he'd stop treating us like teenagers.) I had the house all to myself for a while, and then Mommy and Daddy brought home three kittens. They were supposed to be brothers (2 of them) and a sister, but they all look different. And they're always running all over the place -- especially at breakfast and dinner. It's almost impossible to have them sit still... (I miss you, Sniff... (sniff... sniff...)

Daddy let me and Sniff help him write some of his medical pages, and he says the kittens will get to help too. (I don't know how they'll be able to write --- for one thing, they're not nearly as eloquent as me and Sniff. Besides, they spend too much time running around to be able to make great authors.) Our first one was about cat scratch disease -- and we made sure that Daddy told everybody that cat scratch disease isn't OUR fault -- after all, Sniff and I don't scratch anyone who treats us properly (especially Daddy and Mommy and Grandma and Granddad). (However, the kittens have to simmer down before they can help Daddy write.) We also helped Daddy write his page about CT scanning -- I think they call those machines CAT scanners after me, but Daddy doesn't agree. (If you want to find all the other pages we helped with, go to the search box -- I put my name in the box already so it's easier for you to find my paws.)

This is the first picture Daddy took of me when I came to live with him.

Cat Scan on the stairs

And this is a picture Aunt Marlita took of me when I visited Grandma's and Granddad's for the first time.

Cat Scan with flowers

And this is a picture Aunt Marlita took of me when I visited her house.

Cat Scan crouching

And this is Sniff and me sleeping on Daddy's bed.

Sniff and Cat Scan sleeping

And this is another picture of Sniff and me on Daddy's bed (I'm the cute one on the left). Daddy thinks we look like sphinxes (isn't that a kind of cat?)

Sniff and Cat Scan on bed

And this is Sniff and me looking at the snow in Grandma's and Granddad's backyard.

Sniff and Cat Scan in Grandma's and Granddad'd window

A Poem for Cat Scan

(My mommy wrote this for me!)

Twister Sister - Princess Love
   Whirling, twirling, swirling
           Shooting up the steps.
              Down the steps she goes
	          Jumping, playing.
                   Tree lights
© 2007 L S

Obligatory Cat Links

(Daddy and Sniff say "obligatory" means people have to go look at these links. I agree -- everyone should look at cat links.)

Cat Fanciers' Web Site
"The Internet Forum for the Cat Fancy"
CAT Users' Manual
in case you need a quick start with your cat...
(in case you want to buy toys for your cat -- or even for me :)
Maullidos y Rorroneos
A collection of MIDI cat songs
Paw Sense from Bit Boost
A program to help cats learn how to type properly (or at least that's what Daddy tells me it's supposed to do...)
Blue Cat's Graphics
Feline enhancements for Windows and Mozilla Firefox
Cats for Dummies
Kittens for Dummies
Cat Owner's Manual
(all available in the cat aisle at Amazon.com)
Pet Portraits by Pauline Gledhill
Beautiful watercolour paintings and pencil drawings of your pets taken from your favourite photograph.
The Cat Site
We really like this site -- everything here is about cats cats cats!
2 cats Inn and Restaurant, Bar Harbor, Maine
Daddy says it's a nice place (I think it's because the name reminds him of us...)

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